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About The Artist 

Krystal P. Gorman (KPG) is a Sculptor in Maryland. KPG studied under numerous painters in their youth and taught for three years before receiving their BFA in Sculpture at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. While at this institution, they dabbled with wood and metal working, jewelry, molding and casting, as well as painting and illustration. While at University, KPG discovered their true passion was figurative sculpture.


In KPG's earlier years as an illustrator, they painted a 5×7 foot mural for a rental company in Eastern Pennsylvania and in 2013 they volunteered for the 70×7 The Meal act XXXIV in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. KPG has been in numerous informal exhibitions, and a handful of group shows (Exhibitions). In late spring of 2015 KPG participated in the 5 into 1 exhibition at Moore College of Art and that following summer worked as a studio assistant to Philadelphia sculptor Thomas Miles. Currently, KPG is experimenting with new materials and concepts that involve the relationship between Spirit, Body, and Nature. Their most recent large work (Abundance of Absence) was on display for a month at the corner Pine Street and Broad Street in Philadelphia as part of the HHPAI (Hamilton Hall Public Arts Initiative). 


KPG works mostly with the figure, whether it is human or animal, the structure of the body has always fascinated them. Within recent years, KPG has incorporated Jewelry and wearable art into their works. While using figure modeling as a basis for their sculptures, KPG incorporates themes of Nature, Nurturing and Decay with their use of unconventional materials and concepts.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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